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I did some research on other similar sites that is related to metal illness. However, most of the websites are about the same. They are quite pictures intensive and it takes quite some time to load a page. So I would take it into consideration(Not too much pictures or interlaced it). I took some time looking over their home page and i found out that they squeeze every single post into one page. This will cause the viewer to not be so interested in looking the whole page so I might create separate pages for their posts. Plus, I noticed that there is a video on their post there will auto load and there is no button that stops the video from playing. Also, there is a page that is still “work-in-progress”. This make their website look unprofessional.

To promote the organization I have come out with the following suggestions:

– Promotional video
– Flash mob event with handouts
– Table with posters on them in hospitals to promote mental illness awareness
– Posters in hospitals lift

For their websites:

– Putting of control on video
– Adding of extra pages to help viewers to see better
– Removal of “work-in-progress”

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Interactive Board at ACM

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ACM reflection

My personal favorite of all the exhibits would be the african and the Chinese gallery.

Here is the links: African gallery
Chinese gallery

I like the African gallery because this is a new gallery and that african cultural is full of design and every statues and mask tells a story and meaning. I actually read some of the description rather than skim through everything.

I also like the Chinese gallery because this is my own cultural. It is always interesting to learn more about your origins, and I learn a lot of why am I doing something that my parents tells me.

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African ACM Gallery

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Chinese ACM Gallery

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NMT Literature

This article is about creating a website that is compatible with the web browsers that are used in phone. I choose this topic because I believe that as technology advances,  more ways are going to be discover for people to keep track of the latest happening without actually turning on their laptops or reading the newspaper. Users are able to find what they needed by just typing the web page on their mobile phone. By creating a web page that is clean for the mobile browsers is important as sometimes the required plug-ins is not installed due to lack of memory space or battery life. This article is mostly talking about the latest Iphone that have a build in browser called Safari. Is different from the one that used in windows and mac.

I have found some interesting points on the article. The first thing is that some website designers is making their own websites to be able to fit in the Iphone. Using lesser CSS and flash widgets, they are able to be seen in the Safari. The article states that is important to have a clean web page that can be seen easily since the Iphone can only show that much. The second thing is that web designers need to slowly adapt to the layout for Iphone Safari so that more users of the Iphone is able to access to the web page and views the information faster and more efficient. The third things that I noticed from this article is the target audience. The target to a web designer is usually important, but to be able to reach out to different type of people using Iphone web browsers, is not a easy task.

Other than the Iphone, I have came upon on a phone create by Google which is called the android phone. The design is about the same a Iphone, however, the components is different. Android phone web browser is run by its own web browser called android browser.
It speed compared to Iphone is arguably the same. Android phone run a code that will help the phone to speed up comapred to Iphone. Plus, Android phone is able to run flash which is different form Iphone. This means that Android phone is able to run much more web pages as it enable to run flash.

Another smart phone I found is Blackberry. Blackberry can have a number of web browsers. They are Blackberry browser, Internet browser, WAP browser, Unite browser, Wi-Fi Browser. It has different browser for different environment and how you connect to the internet.  For example, for corporate environment, the Blackberry is connected to a Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES), which the BES Admins are able to monitor how you access the internet which is useful in a sense to prevent and secret project or plans being leak out to other competitive companies.  For non-corporate users, they are being limited to email and web-browsing. Users can also be able to set up their own BES at home by downloading free Unite software from Research in Motion’s network.

Another smart phone I found is Window Phone 7. Window Phone 7 uses its own web browsers called the Internet Explorer Mobile. Through the use of Windows Phone Marketplace, Windows is able to prevent user to view any NSFW images. The phone doesn’t allow any video playback, USB mass-storage, connect to hidden WI-FI, custom ring tones and more.

It seems to me that being able to access the World Wide Web with your mobile is pretty impressive. However, some articles said that compared to a computer, the speed it access is slower. Chances are that some of the web pages are unable to load the way it should be. Even pictures need to be in a certain size for it to be loaded, since most smart phone doesn’t really have the cache to store information. However, with the used of Applications, users are able to access websites like YouTube, Facebook and T Twitter without actually opening up their own web browsers.  Even the use of application like foursquare, can help others to know where you right now and maybe even drop by to visit you. Overall, if I really need to use the internet to get my contents, I rather to be in Starbucks with my frappe and laptop using their free Wi-Fi. I would strongly suggest to smart phone developers  to either increase their cache or to have smart phone users to be able to create their own web page right in their phone so that most smart phone users is able to read what other users which to say.


Disclaimer: All images belong to their own respectively creators/inventors.
Iphone belongs to Apple.
Android belongs to Google.
BlackBerry belongs to Research in Motion(RIM)
Windows 7 Phone belongs to Microsoft.

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New Media And Trend
New Media And Trend

What is a visual depiction?
A visual depiction is a picture that shows viewers
information such as statistics or information in a very creative manner to attract viewers to read information that is boring in reading just plain text.

What is a tag cloud?
A tag cloud is a visual depiction that display tags in different size and/or color.

What is it for?
It is to shows viewers on the more popular tags that been used to help viewers to search for what they are looking for much faster.

How is it created?
It is created by using different colors depending on the content, using different font sizes to indicate whether the tag is popular or often searched.


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